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Flu Shots

If you haven’t gotten your flu shot yet, what are you waiting for? Now, more than ever the flu shot is one of the best way to help you prevent or lessen the symptoms of the flu in the coming months. Even employers, especially healthcare employers, are beginning to require flu shots as part of the continuing employee health program. Some are offering FREE Flu shots and if yours does please take advantage of it. The American Lung Association has a database for people to locate the nearest place to get your flu shot based on your zip code:

Some general prices for the flu shot by place:

Solantic Urgent Care is charging $30
Walgreens Takecare Clinics $31.99
CVS Minute Clinic - $29.99
Walmart offers Flu shots at their various locations through their partnership with Mollen Immunization Clinics but only for limited hours. For $25
Publix Pharmacy – $30
Winn Dixie – Look for their Placards in front of your local stores.

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