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Insurance Alternatives

Federal Help Getting Insurance

For those of you who do not qualify for healthcare help here at VIM-Jax because you make too much money you might want to try the federal government program that each state must administer called the Pre-existing Condition Insurance Program. Yes, there are some requirements before you can apply but if you meet them it will allow you a chance to get insurance. Check out the website: Read through the website and then go to the state page to be taken to your state’s insurance page.

For Florida State Plans page go to: They have a listing for Florida with costs. Sadly, the “Cover Florida” guaranteed insurance coverage program was disbanded due to overuse. So, get out there and find yourself some insurance coverage.

Getting Ready for the Holidays

For the next several weeks we will be getting ready for the holiday season. With Thanksgiving behind us and Christmas and New Years ahead we should try to prepare as much as possible for the upcoming changes as well as the holidays themselves. We often put pressure on ourselves to make every holiday season a special one for our family and friends but we should also take a little time out for ourselves as well. Stress is one of the major factors affecting our health during the upcoming holidays. Finding ways to reduce that stress should be one of the top things you try to do now before the actual holidays arrives. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa get into the spirit of things by making lists before you go to the store and stick to your budget; don’t wait until the last minute to do everything (a little bit each day will see you through); take time out to ride around your neighborhood and look at the lights and decorations; listen to your favorite holiday music while you are wrapping presents, cooking meals or decorating your home; and finally allow yourself time to de-stress by curling up on the couch with your favorite beverage and an old holiday movie.

Just a note for those patients who are under 26 years of age: Be sure to check with your parents to see if you can obtain health coverage through one or both of them. With the new changes in the Affordable Healthcare Law most insurances through employers have already allowed their subscribers to add their children to their policies who previously did not qualify. According to the law that includes children between the ages of 18 and 26 who may or may not be in school, may or may not have a job AND who may or may not be married! Most require that the children (and step-children) be added during the “Open Enrollment Period” and for most companies that is generally now through the end of the year so check it out.

Healthcare Resources

For those who are subscribers, volunteers to VIM-Jax or people looking for Other Healthcare Resources this posting is for you. If you or your family, friends, or patients do not qualify for care at the VIM-Jax clinic then there are some alternatives to explore here in the Jacksonville, Florida area.

Florida Medicaid has coverage for those who qualify but there are stricter requirements such as being unemployed, not on unemployment benefits, women who are pregnant, children without healthcare coverage and a few other things. These programs are FREE OF CHARGE if you qualify. You can find out more by applying online here at:

The other place you might find coverage is through the Cover Florida website. The state of Florida is offering limited coverage for individuals over 19 but under 64 years of age. The monthly premium as well as the types of coverages that are offered can be reviewed at this website: In Duval county there are only two plans offered through United Healthcare and Blue Cross of Florida. Remember it is limited coverage and you must pay the premiums each month.

For parents looking for insurance for your children or healthcare providers wanting to offer alternatives to their patients that do not qualify for Florida Medicaid you might want to try the Florida Kidcare Program. There is a monthly premium required but it is based on the family income. Go to their website to get more information:

But if you qualify for treatment here then by all means give us a try. Call ahead and speak to one of our intake people at (904) 399-2766. If you want to help us to continue our work here for those who are working and need healthcare then please give what you can. Go to our Donations page. We accept all donations through the secure servers at PAYPAL!

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