Free Healthcare for Low Income Working Uninsured


Our clinic is run entirely by donations and local grants. We and our patients appreciate the volunteers who donate their time and our sponsors who donate their services and the funding.

Patient services for:

  • One Year——————————$560,000 Annual
  • One Month—————————-$46,667 Monthly
  • One Week——————————$10,770 Weekly
  • One Day——————————–$2,394 Daily
  • One Patient Appointment——$75 Per visit

****Please remember that ANY amount that you can donate would be greatly appreciated and will help us continue to give FREE Services that include the patient assessment, diagnosis, lab tests, x-rays, prescriptions, eye exams, eye glasses and all the other services that we offer our clients.****

Opportunities By Categories:

  • Salaries for Clinic Staff—————————————————$288,000 Annual
  • Generic Prescription Medications———————————–$90,000 Annual
  • Building Leasing————————————————————$30,000 Annual
  • Professional liability funding—————————————–$15,000 Annual
  • Utilities (electricity, telephones)———————————–$15,000 Annual
  • Medical Supplies————————————————————$12,000 Annual
  • Diagnostic testing not covered (now is patient’s cost)—–$10,000 Annual
  • Janitorial Service————————————————————$8,000 Annual
  • Hardware Upgrades for Electronic Medical Records————-$6,500 Annual
  • Volunteer support funds————————————————$6,000 Annual
  • Building liability funding————————————————$6,000 Annual
  • GYN instruments, etc.—————————————————$3,000 Annual


WE ARE GROWING: We need to find a larger facility to accommodate our increasing patient load.  Our current facility is no longer able to fit our needs.  We would like to stay located within the downtown area and are looking at different scenarios for our future growth.  

If you would like to get on the ground floor and help us please click on the DONATE button below and give what you can!  You can also check out our UPCOMING EVENTS page for future opportunities to have FUN while you get your friends and relatives to donate to your cause.

Our donations are SAFE and SECURE by being processed through the SSL servers at PAYPAL.  You do not have to have a PAYPAL account. Your credit card and/or bank information is secured on their servers and we do no have access to that or any of your personal information.

If you decided that you would like to help us provide FREE Primary Health Care to the Working Uninsured then please click on the Donate button above and give what you can!

We want to THANK all of our Donors especially the following:


Enjoy some pictures from the Espeto Fundraiser for Volunteers in Medicine-Jacksonville in April 2008


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Volunteers in Medicine Jacksonville Florida

Our Patient Stats:

Treated in 2008: 4924

Treated in 2009: 5676

Treated in 2010: 5515

Treated in 2011: 5874

Treated in 2012: 5446

Treated in 2013: 4537 so far