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Volunteers in Medicine has assisted several working uninsured in Jacksonville receive quality free medical assistance. Below are some of the recognized patients we’ve helped. If you are uninsured and work a minimum of twenty hours per week, see if you qualify to be part of our program!

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Cindy Cox

It was twelve years ago that Cindy’s husband lost his job along with the family’s healthcare benefits. Cindy found herself part of the thousands of Americans without health insurance.

Cindy found out about the free health care clinic in Jacksonville and decided to qualify for the free medical care program. Cindy had several reservations about visiting the Volunteers in Medicine clinic. But all of Cindy’s reservations were quickly put to ease as she meet with the doctors and staff.

At Volunteers in Medicine healthcare clinic, Cindy was diagnosed with hyperparathyroidism. Cindy received the care she needed to treat her conditions. After surgery, her condition was alleviated.

Jennifer Lunt

Jennifer Lunt had just moved to Jacksonville and started a new job with full health care benefits when the recession hit in 2008. Nine months after she started, she was laid off.

Lunt was first diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease in 2001, a chronic digestive disease which at one point left her a skeletal 90 pounds. She went for two years without health care, which she said was a troubling experience. “I could have easily wound up in the ER with obstructions and other complications,” she said. Lunt found work, but nothing that provided health insurance. Coverage through the Affordable Care Act was not an affordable alternative.

Lunt came to Volunteers in Medicine in Nov. 2010, and started getting treatment for Crohn’s at the clinic and also through Mayo Clinic Florida. She began taking Humira, a drug that treats Crohn’s patients, in Jan. 2012, and started feeling much better within a month. By Sept.2015, the disease was officially in remission. Lunt was also diagnosed with basil cell carcinoma, and was treated through an outside specialist arranged by Volunteers in Medicine.

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“They have been really have been wonderful,” she said of the Volunteers In Medicine doctors and staff. “Without them I would have been in a world of hurt because I could not have gotten the treatment I needed.”