Yoga with Heart

One hundred yoga mats framed the famous TPC Clubhouse as people from all over Jacksonville came together Saturday, September 23, 2017, for a moment of Zen, meditation, and compassion.

The aptly named event, “Yoga with Heart” was hosted by Volunteers in Medicine’s own ‘2017 Woman with Heart,’ Aimee Boggs. The event was designed to serve as a yoga session and special program to raise both awareness and funds for Volunteers in Medicine’s downtown clinic. Aimee Boggs’ “Yoga with Heart” event raised much-needed funds and community support for Volunteers in Medicine’s clinic in downtown Jacksonville. However, Aimee Boggs didn’t just raise money at the ‘Yoga with Heart’ event, she also posted inspirational ‘sunrise salutations’ daily on social media prompting more donations.

Between the “Yoga with Heart” and the Sunrise Salutation campaign, Aimee Boggs was able to raise over $9,350 which will help pay for vital patient services and programs including annual wellness exams, eyeglasses, prescriptions and more.

1,000 Sun Salutations

Amiee Boggs raises awerness for VIM through Yoga

A Personal Letter From Aimee:

"Due to my passion for yoga and my belief that it helps prevent disease and improve one’s well-being. I am using my love of, and practice of YOGA as my voice to bring awareness to VIM. So, it struck me that if I was willing to do a daily practice including 33 SUN SALUTATIONS every day of the month and 34 SUN SALUTATIONS on the 30th of September, I will complete 1,000 Sun Salutations in September in addition to my normal yoga practice.

In this way, I would feel comfortable asking others to support my efforts and consider making a PLEDGE to support me at a level they felt appropriate. Similar to pledging for a 150 Mile bike ride or miles walked, this is a measurable, achievable and worthy goal that excited me so much I couldn’t fall asleep when it came to me.

I’ll be posting a daily photo on the page, so feel free to follow my progress."