Volunteers in Medicine

Making a Difference in the Community!

Clinic Activity

After more than 16 years in operation – the clinic has provided over 71,000 total clinical patient appointments to an estimated 7500 patients. Volunteers in Medicine currently has two locations a Downtown Clinic and a clinic in West Jax.   Currently the Downtown clinic averages over 500 clinical patient appointments per month. The Downtown clinic remains open five and ½ days a week, Monday through Saturday.

The clinic provides free primary & specialty care including:

  • Free diagnosis and treatment
  • Free laboratory testing
  • Medication assistance
  • Free ophthalmologic exams and free eyeglasses
  • Free mental health counseling
  • Free nutritional counseling and diabetes education
  • Free mammograms and ultrasound diagnostic procedures for female patients age 40 and older
  • Referral for secondary care to hospitals and specialists.

Volunteers in Medicine West Jax opened June 9th, 2020 and is open 2 days a week Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10am-3pm.  The clinic provides free primary care and refers to our downtown clinic for all specialty care.

Volunteers:  We have approximately 220 volunteers each month.   These volunteers include:

  • Physicians
  • Nurse Practitioners
  • Nurses
  • Pharmacists
  • Front Desk
  • Medical Records
  • Qualifiers
  • Special Projects / Community Outreach


Collaboration with Other Agencies:

We collaborate with various agencies for the care of clinic patients.

  • UNF-Our Clinical Director/Nurse Practitioner is on the faculty of the University of North Florida (UNF), and our clinic is a practicum site for the training of nurse practitioners and student nurses from the UNF Nursing program, as well as students from UNF’s Department of Nutrition.
  • Consolidated Laboratories (St. Vincent’s Hospital) –Consolidated Laboratories provides free laboratory testing for the clinic.
  • Mayo Clinic Jacksonville-Volunteers in Medicine Jacksonville patients who are identified as needing further diagnostic procedures and treatment for breast cancer are referred to the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, where they receive a full treatment regimen free of charge. In addition, Mayo clinic pays for all our reference tests.
  • The Sulzbacher Clinic- We are in a dental clinic partnership with The Sulzbacher Clinic.  We refer our patients to The Sulzbacher Clinic where we have negotiated rates.
  • We Care – We Care is our “sister organization” sharing specialist resources for referrals and free diagnostic services for patients served by both organizations.  For our patients who need specialist services and procedures that we cannot provide in our facility, We Care coordinates that care (only for patients up to 200% of the Federal Poverty Level) with specialists and the hospitals to provide these services for free for our patients.  On the flip side, we reserve slots with our specialists for We Care patients.
  • First Coast Cardiovascular provides cardiac diagnostic procedures free of charge to our patients.
  • Outside Providers-Other patients needing additional diagnostic procedures or treatments not covered by Volunteers in Medicine Jacksonville are referred to one or more of our providers for free or reduced fee services.
  • Akumin/Elite Imaging provides mammograms and ultrasound services for our patients at reduced costs to us and provides other radiology procedures at a reduced rate to our patients.
  • Women’s Center of Jacksonville – we have a Memo of Understanding to provide follow up care to victims of sexual assault.


We collaborate with other socio economic agencies to provide health care for their clients.

  • Habijax
  • Ability Housing



Improving Access to Care:

  1. Centrally located: In order to maximize exposure and reduce barriers to access, our Downtown clinic is centrally located in Jacksonville, easily accessible by public transportation and close to two major downtown hospitals.  The clinic is located in Duval County Health Zone 1. Out of all of the 6 Health Zones comprising Duval County, Health Zone 1 has the highest mortality rates per 100,000 in Heart Disease and Diabetes and the second highest mortality rate in Cancer. Source: Duval County Health Department report.
  2. Additional location: June 9th, 2020 Volunteers in Medicine opened an additional location to serve the community.  Co-located within the Inspire to Rise Campus, the West Jax Clinic is a part of a community center with many different services to address social determinants of health.


Desired Outcomes:  There are three principal outcomes desired by the Volunteers in Medicine Jacksonville clinic.  They are:

1) to provide high quality medical care to the working uninsured;

2) to provide timely access to care, to prevent minor medical problems from escalating into disability or impaired quality of life; and

3) to expand the capacity of the clinic to serve more patients in a timely fashion.