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Our active healthcare and non-clinical professionals perform a wide array of services at our downtown clinic five days a week. These volunteer professionals qualify patients, manage medical records and deliver vital preventative medical care to our patients. On-site program specialties include mental health counseling, vision and eye care, cardiology and heart disease prevention and maintenance, diabetes and nutrition counseling. Volunteers in Medicine’s signature “Healthy Habits” programs include regular patient wellness events and activities including blood pressure and glucose screenings, mammograms, stress tests, and “Healthy Habits” neighborhood walks.

…May we have eyes to see those rendered invisible and excluded; open arms and hearts to reach out and include them; healing hands to touch their lives with love, and, in the process, heal ourselves.



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Volunteers in Medicine is a free medical clinic for the low-income working uninsured. The clinic provides free non-emergency primary and specialty care to people who are working, have low incomes and do not have health insurance. We offer a unique integrated care model that encompasses primary, specialty, eye, mental health, and nutrition care – all under one roof. We become the Medical Home for our patients. Our goal is to keep people healthy, employed and out of the emergency rooms.

Mission Statement: The mission of Volunteers in Medicine Jacksonville, Inc. is to improve the health of the Northeast Florida community by providing free outpatient medical services to those who are employed but cannot afford health insurance or health care for themselves and their families.

Need: The need being addressed by Volunteers in Medicine is the scarcity of affordable, quality outpatient healthcare services for the low-income, working uninsured of Northeast Florida and their families. The American healthcare landscape has been transformed by the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Yet, while this landmark law has expanded access to healthcare to millions of Americans, the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office estimates that 31-million will remain uninsured even following its full implementation. The 2016 County Health Rankings & Roadmaps, a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Program, lists 146,935 uninsured adults in Duval County (2013 data). Florida ranks 2nd in the nation with the highest percentage of our population uninsured (16.6%). Source: “Health Insurance Coverage in the U.S. 2014,” US Bureau of the Census, Sept. 2015.

“A common theme throughout community interviews and meetings was concern about the cost of health services for primary care and low usage of preventive care services. Lack of access to affordable care was reported to greatly impact residents that are low-income, working poor, uninsured or underinsured, immigrants, and those that are undocumented. Lack of access to affordable health care reportedly results in overuse of emergency rooms. Community members identified difficulty in accessing physician and specialist services, rehabilitative care, prenatal care, mental health care, and dental care.”

2 Community Health Needs Assessment, Prepared for The Jacksonville Metropolitan Community Benefit Partnership By Verité Healthcare Consulting, LLC. June 30, 2015

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