Helen Morse – May Women With Heart


Helen Morse is a change agent that enjoys taking on difficult challenges. She started her Philanthropic work by organizing a Brownie troop for multiple handicapped children. She continued by working triage in an emergency room. Lastly she accepted the challenge from the founders of the Volunteers in Medicine, Dottie Dorion and Dr. Jim Burt to implement Electronic Medical Records to make their clinic one of the first free clinics in the country using the technology. When the founders desired to retire Helen led Volunteers in Medicine through an effective transition from founder led and managed, to a board led and professionally managed clinic with 230 volunteers providing 500 patient appointments a month.



She also counsels small business start-ups and works with Women’s Giving Alliance to promote sustainable improvement for the lives of women and girls in Northeast Florida.

Helen has a bachelors in math from Wichita State University and an MBA from the University of Chicago.

Professionally Helen used her organizational, marketing and analytical skills to take on uncharted challenges. At IBM she held multiple management and executive positions creatively bringing new products to market such as CAD/CAM to design diapers and tractors as well as airplanes.

Now that Helen’s position as Board Chair of Volunteers in Medicine is over she is involved in analyzing how Jacksonville might provide more health care for the entire community.

Helen and her husband, Fritz Skeen, live in Ponte Vedra Beach.

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