Silvia Pulido – Women with Heart Honoree for January 2019


Silvia Pulido – Women with Heart Honoree for January 2019

Silvia is a highly skilled and experienced entrepreneur known for serving the needs of her customers, family, and community, with more than 25 years in the restaurant business.

Originally from Nicaragua, Silvia came to the US in 1976 with her husband, Armando. She first met Armando in Nicaragua where he was rebuilding his third-generation tobacco company that had been taken from his family by the Castro regime in Cuba. Silvia and Armando had their first two children in Nicaragua, Rene and Mario. After again having their lives threatened by yet another communist regime in Nicaragua known as The Sandinistas, they decided to move to Miami, Fl. Eventually, Armando and Silvia had 2 more children, Danny and Amanda and by this time had settled in Jacksonville, which would be their forever home. They planted their roots in the St. Nicholas community by opening a mechanic shop called “Pulido Automotive” and sending their children to Assumption Catholic School and Bishop Kenny High School.



As the years went on, Armando and Silvia decided it was time to fulfill a life-long dream. They had always wanted to offer their community a taste of their culture and so their 5th child was born in 1995, Havana Jax Cafe. When Armando and Silvia divorced a few years later, she was left to run a business and raise four children all on her own, which she did very successfully.

Today, all three of Silvia sons are practicing physicians. Dr. Rene Pulido and Dr. Danny Pulido have private practices in the St. Nicholas area which focuses on providing compassionate and affordable health care to low-income patients. Thus giving back to the community that has given so much to their family by supporting their family businesses throughout the years.

Silvia is now retired and enjoys traveling the world, especially her home country of Nicaragua, and spending time with all her twelve grandchildren.

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